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>> reporter: if supporters here were troubled by barack obama's debate performance, they didn't show it at a noisy rally a inside the performing arts center. one of the first big applause lines, the unemployment report. >> thank you. this morning we find out that the unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level since i took office. it's a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now. >> reporter: in contrast to the debate, the president today energetically jabbed back at his opponent, accusing mitt romney of an extreme makeover. mr. obama reminded of romney's performance. >> for all you mom and kids out there, don't worry, somebody is finally getting tough on big bird. rounding him up. elmo's got to watch out, too. governor romney plans to let wall street run wild, again. >> reporter: democrats also used big bird as a prop to ruffle
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feathers in southwest virginia where romney campaigned in coal country. but a campaign spokesman challenged the president's assessment of the unemployment rate. >> he wants to brag about a 7.8% unemployment rate, but the fact is the middle class is being buried. >> reporter: still obama supporters who admitted they were taken aback are happy to celee drop. >> i think the new jobs numbers are fantastic. it was great news and i think, i was just so happy to be here. he seemed to be right on his game. >> i am very confident in the campaign. there is nothing that i see that is negative about this campaign. i think he is moving forward. he is making sure that all of the people are covered. not some of the people. >> now, even though the dip in unemployment provided the headline for the president's northern virginia stop, he also focused squarely on women's health and through that a very important voting bloc. female voters.
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more on that coming up at 6:00. >> thanks, julie. mitt romney was in southwest virginia today responding to this morning's jobs report. he said americans are still struggling and this is not what real recovery looks like. he also promised better results in a romney administration. >> when i'm president of the united states -- that unemployment rate is going to come down not because people are giving up and dropping out of the workforce, but because we're creating more jobs. >> after two days in virginia, the romney campaign is moving on to another battleground state this weekend, florida. new developments in the trial of a teen saved from a fiery wreck. prosecutors say richardson and three friends took a stolen toyota on a joy ride back in march. the car crashed into a tree and burst into flames killing
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everyone but richardson. the jury was split. richardson will be sentenced and faces up to seven years in prison. connecticut avenue in northwest is back open after being cleared by the d.c. bomb squad. the police close the 1700 block around noon after the man robbed the t.d. bank. he dropped a package while making his get away. the bank was evacuated and no one was hurt. a bomb squad determined the package was not a bomb. that man has not been found. virginia health officials today confirm two new cases of the deadly form of meningitis caused by spinal injections. >> this is a story that started out kind of small and growing larger all week long. the total number of cases in virginia now stands at six and that includes one death. health officials believe that number will continue to rise as they contact nearly 630 people who received the tainted
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medications. here's what we know about this right now. so far all of the virginia cases are in the southwestern part of the state. that's where officials say two facilities were using the affected steroid medication, but the cases aren't limited to virginia. in fact, six states, including maryland, have confirmed cases. there has been one death in maryland and five people altogether have died nationwide. the way this drug is manufactured is coming under fire right now. it was made at a place called the compnd pharmacy which takes existing medications and changes the dosage or strength to suit a hospital or clinic's needs. >> the problem is that these compounding pharmacies aren't under the same regulation as many manufacturers. not as rigorous a process to make sure that everything is not contaminated. >> the steroid injections are supposed to be produced under a sterile environment and still not clear how this batch was contaminated with some kind of
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fu fungus. the centers for disease control is looking into that in a multi-state investigation. important for people to know that this type of meningitis is not contagious and it is very likely we're going to hear more about this meningitis story in the next few days and weeks ahead. everybody seems to agree that more cases are going to be emerging. this kind of meningitis develops pretty slowly. wendy? >> dorene, thanks. a scare in a bethesda neighborhood when they ruptured a propane tank. they prepared to evacuate three homes this morning. first reports claimed a 5,000 gallon tank was leaking. once firefighters arrived, they realized it was a smaller tank which didn't pose as great a risk but it was still dangerous. propane workers stopped the leaks until permanent repairs can be finished. part of south glebe road in
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arlington is still blocked after an early morning crash. a driver slammed her car into a utility pole bringing down live lines. this happened in south aural aingten ridge road. crews spent most of the morning cleaning up that mess and one northbound lane is still closed and the driver was not hurt. turning now to the weather, time to break out the sweaters. a cold blast is headed our way. >> veronica johnson is in storm center 4 with the changes blowing in this weekend. >> sweaters at first and then coats right behind that. i don't think too many folks are going to complain about just how gorgeous today was, but get ready to shut the door on the 80 degree warmth. that's exactly what we had around the area today. look how pretty the sky is. just a few of the puffy clouds streaming through. we'll see a lot more clouds coming tomorrow. temperatures currently in the 70s. upper 70s to still right at 81 degrees in d.c. and down to the south around culpeper and
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fredericksburg. the latest 80 degree day was back on october 24th, 2000. so, again, this is it for us and then we're talking about coat weather in some of the lowest temperatures that we've seen since the last full week of april. we'll take a look at the four-day forecast, coming up. we haven't heard any news about the federal investigation into mayor vincent gray's campaign in months. but claims that the mayor does not plan to seek re-election regardless of the probe. as tom sherwood reports, gray is laughing off the report. >> reporter: d.c. mayor vincent gray is doing exactly what he and his lawyer thinks he should be doing. being mayor. under federal investigation for more than a year with his 2010 campaign for mayor, gray mostly turns aside media questions on the scandal. even as others prepare a campaign for mayor, in case gray leaves office.
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or council member jack evans appearing on the politics hour friday told reporter patrick madden he'll run if gray doesn't, or is forced from office. >> if gray does not run, are you definitely running for mayor? >> yes. if gray does not run, i will run for mayor. >> reporter: but evans sharply disputed another media report friday saying a source close to gray says gray won't run again when his term is up in two years. >> i can't put words in the may mayor's mouth. you would not as a sitting mayor, regardless of the situation put yourself in a lame duck status. we just have to wait and see what happens. >> reporter: even the mayor's staff laughed off the media report and the mayor himself dismissed. >> are you going to run, are you going to run? >> is this based on someone's opinion that was quoted today in the story? >> yes, apparently. >> where did they get their opinion from? >> are you going to run, again?
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>> that's not even an issue. i'm not halfway through my term. why doesn't somebody come up with the real news. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> mayor gram was elected in 2010. the mayor's race is still two years away. if mayor gray resigned, there would be a special election in four months to replace him. some bars in d.c. opened late into the night this columbus day weekend. permits for 42 bars, allowing them to serve alcohol into 4:00 in the morning on monday. that's two hours later than y h usual. a city policy extending alcohol sales and if you plan on going out on sunday night metro rail is only open until midnight. a bizarre attack on a d.c. street this morning and now police are looking for their suspect while the victim searches for her dog. and the movement to change the name of tyson's corner. plus, the real fright for many this halloween.
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a pumpkin spice latte shortage. what many are worried about the
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it seems just like everything in the tyson's corner is changing. more buildings, more residents and more metro stations. the board of supervisors want to cut the corner out of tyson's corner. talked to some residents who aren't buying it. >> reporter: the change is unofficial, but that's not a consulation to some who lived in the area for years. >> i think the region reinvented itself. i live in vienna and drive through here all the time. it was tyson's corner back then and great thing to have a tyson's corner now. >> reporter: what if you didn't grow up knowing it as that or recently relocated to the area. obviously, you don't have the same emotions attached. >> i always called it tyson's. >> i didn't know it was happening. >> doesn't change my day today. >> reporter: what effect does dropping the word corner really have?
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>> how many signs are they going to have to change? you know, how many, things that they send out, like notices. >> reporter: businesses can still use the name tyson's corner. sharon bulava also hopes that a timeline of turning it into a home of more than 100,000 residents, 200,000 businesses and four new metra silver line stations will add a bit of comfort. >> no longer is it a little sleepy crossroads and it's more than a tyson's corner shopping center. tyson's is going to be an exciting downtown. it's going to be hip. it's going to be modern. it's going to be a place where people of all ages are going to want to live, work, play. >> a lot of rookies come into the area and they don't know tyson's corner, but it has been tyson's corner forever. no need, stupid. >> reporter: truth is the unofficial name of the tyson's corner to just tyson's reinforces that one thing will
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never change. change will never be embraced by everyone. keith rustler, news 4. well, i just call it tyson's anyway. >> i do, too. >> i've been calling it for years. >> as long as the stores are still there. >> yeah. >> so, good day to go to tyson's on sunday because it is going to be rainy. >> sunday out of the weekend is definitely going to be the wet day and the cold day, again. i've been using the word cold for sunday because, especially as we get into sunday night and monday morning, it's coat weather coming up. >> right. >> last time we had temperatures this low coming up, again, that last full week of april. so, we're out of practice with this and always seems to, you know, creep up on some people where they go, i didn't see that coming. i'm telling you now, it's coat weather sunday. 81 degrees right now the temperature. the wind fairly light and the air dry and meanwhile it's dry and cold already in areas of the midwest and northern plains. we are hanging out around upper
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70s to 80 degree warmth here throughout the mid-atlantic area and then getting to the northwest and plains and the temperatures are currently in the 40s. 50, though, omaha. st. louis, missouri, 46 degrees right now. that's the cold, the chill that we're going to be tracking as it makes its way down to the south on saturday and into spots that didn't have that cold. freeze warnings up and kentucky, northern arkansas, oklahoma, ending the growing season, too, also in a lot of areas. hits us on sundays. our highs, again, hanging out in the mid-50s and then as we go into sunday night toward monday morning. temperatures falling rather rapidly. starting out in the 30s to right around 41 degrees there in d.c. so, big spread of some cold air coming down from canada. for this evening, fantastic weather. absolutely gorgeous out there. for 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 p.m. temperature settles down to 70
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degrees under a nice starry sky. the moon and jupiter so pretty last night in the sky and then for tomorrow morning, upper 50s to low 60s. a great start, but, again, by about lunchtime, some clouds already will be on us and some rain showers from about 2:00 to about 8:00 p.m. tomorrow ras this cold front quickly comes into the area. and then what we've got to deal with on sunday. we'll get the cold front out of here and we'll have a mostly clear sky for saturday night and then sunday that area of low pressure, yet another area of low pressure will track northeast right through the area. we'll have the showers moving through and then cold air in place first thing monday morning on columbus day. so, we're clear, nice and comfortable. 63 to 70. for your evening tomorrow morning, a great start at 54 to 62 degrees. tomorrow we'll definitely feel closer to fall, 72 to 78 degree the high temperature, with again, the small chance of showers moving through during the afternoon. not everybody is going to see the wet weather on saturday.
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i think there is a bigger chance that everyone will see some showers around the area on sunday and cloud cover and, of course, everyone will be feeling that chill. >> well, all righty. >> there you go. >> thanks, veronica. still to come, we're getting the first look at brand-new metra cars that will hit the tracks very soon. >> coming face-to-face with the man in the mirror. it's trending. coming up, our friday night football takes us to only where two of our regions best teams square off. an american olympic skater trained here in our area and now he's r
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starting to get into football weather. >> once you go boots, you don't want to go back, right? >> you said it.
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is that a bumper sticker on your car? >> that's right, it should be. it's a duzy this friday night for football. all eyes for our high school game of the week. you know, it could be the high school game of the regular season. number one good council hosts number four dimatha. good council does. they have won the washington catholic athletic association and three times in a row, we said. the stags are very confident. zachary joins us to tell us why. hey, zachary. >> hey, i think the stakes are always hungry for a win, but what made this such a great rivalry, both team's consistency. both leaders of the pack, year after year and really made them a measuring stick for a lot of the other schools in the area. we're expected to see a great show out on the field tonight, but both schools are also known for being class acts off the field. i got a chance to catch up with the fellows at dematha to find out what this top notch education is all about.
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>> spend a day at damatha catholic high school and a lot of things you can't put a finger on. the pairtle involvement, the teacher to student ratio. all difficult to see at first glance. what you can see is that there are no girls and students say that's a good thing. >> with all guys it was really weird at first, but i would say that helps a lot because you're not trying to impress girls or trying to talk girls in class and helps you focus better and you don't care what you look like. you don't really care about nothing but football and school and that helps you keep focus. >> reporter: what it lacks on one hand, it offers ten fold on the other, literally ten fold. >> since 1990, the football program has sent at least ten players every year to school on full football scholarships. that doesn't happen unless, you know, guys have a great balance of on the field success and
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getting it done in the classroom. >> and that's the common ground around here. you're a young man with any interest of playing at the next level or a parent who is looking for a school that complements the values you're instilling at home, dematha is as good as it gets. >> i knew that the academics were a big part and so were the atha lettics, obviously. after sophomore year you had a offer and that's one of the main reasons i chose the school. >> after the years the football program has complemented as education and those around the program said second year head coach brooks gets it, the big picture. >> being a former teacher and actually a current teacher, still, he sees that. it's not just xs and os on the field. it's not just the biggest players into the school and keep
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them here. he gets both sides of it, the academic and athletic side. >> dematha catholic high school, a great school. but there have been some bumps in the road. there have been some bumps in the road and many of you may have heard about those after the first game of the season in north carolina. a few players were removed after allegedly hiring a prostitute. the school doesn't stand for that. those players were removed. again, it goes back to their motto about creating and nurturing gentlemen and scholars. tonight is going to be a big game. we expect big things out here tonight. and in the games just keep on getting bigger and bigger and bigger week after week. >> the schedulemakers. what did they do for us? thank you. >> the ones that are remaining or at dematha and playing tonight and only, they definitely have a resolve. >> yes, they do. >> high school football. it was the best. >> especially hot chocolate. hot chocolate weather, right? >> sure. coming up, the search for a
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missing dog after a bizarre attack a. this is more than just a lost dog story. it's about an angry jogger. a confrontation and an assault that got sexual. i'm pat collins. i'll have the story for you coming up, news 4. and fighting fires in pink. prince george's county rolls out a fire truck with a message. and a local family inspired by a story they saw on "today" show about this dog. they have a new addition now to their own family.
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fast forward through the headlines. president obama and mitt romney reacted to the september jobs report while campaigning in virginia this morning. governor romney says recovery is still coming too slowly and the middle class is suffering. it's a guilty verdict for a teenage who was saved from a
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fiery wreck in chevy chase. ricco richardson on two misdemeanor charges. but the jury split on the theft charge. prosecutors say richardson and three friends took a joy ride in march. richardson was the only survivor after the car crashed and exploded. health officials are considering more cases of a deadly form of meningitis that spread through spinal injections. six states, including maryland have confirmed cases. five epeople have died nationwide. let's turn to the weather. >> apple harvest time and the other time, vivid, fall color. take a look at this gorgeous shot out west. new river gorge, west virginia. wouldn't you like to be standing up there and taking a look down. matt parker was. he took this image today and sent it in to us. gorgeous fall color and really seeing the maples and the oaks coming along right now.
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if you have any weather pics that you want to get to us. n we'll drop tonight into the 50s. but hold on, we have 30 degree temperatures coming up. we'll have the details on that in a couple of minutes. >> all right. d.c. woman is heartbroken. she was assaulted this morning while she was walking three dogs near h street in northeast. to make matters worse, one of the dogs is now missing. pat collins joins us and he's in northeast with more on this frantic search for murray. pat? >> wendy two things going on here. police looking for an assault suspect and a lot of people in this neighborhood looking for a dog named murray. this is a story about murray, a little beagle mix and beth, beth
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is walking her two dogs spike and rocsi. murray's not here. murray belongs to a friend. murray's missing. but this is not just a lost dog story. it's a story about a confrontation and an assault that got sexual. >> he started grabbing me in sexual places and dragging me around on the street. he actually bruised my arm. >> reporter: it happened this morning in the 600 block of i. street northeast. beth is walking her two streets and murray. a jogger comes behind them. murray starts barking and the jogger starts screaming. murray pulls out of his collar and starts running out of sixth street and that angry jogger right on his tail. >> he's yelling at me, i'm going to get that dog. what is your phone number? tell me your phone number? >> reporter: the chase ends here at sixth and l. street northeast. murray goes that way and the
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angry jogger right behind picked up a metal fender from a bicycle and he was going to hit the dog with it, but murray, murray disappeared. at that point, the jogger turns his attention to beth. and it gets ugly. it gets violent. and it happens right underneath this crime camera. >> finally, i started yelling, help, help, please, help. someone help me and that was the point at which he finally backed off and went away. >> reporter: beth says she's more concerned about finding murray than she is about finding that angry jogger. >> people keep asking me how i am and i say, i'm fine, don't worry about me. i want to find murray. that's all i care about. >> beth has set up a facebook page to find murray. you can find the link at live in northeast, i'm pat collins, news 4. american airlines says everything should return to normal tomorrow, but dozens of flights were canceled today
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because of the ongoing problem with loose seats. airline officials say they have pulled about 50 boeing 757s out. the clamps that keep the seat attached to the floor and now they say the issue is a matter of wear, poor design and spilled soda. they expect all the planes to be back in service tomorrow. we are getting our first look at metro state of the art cars. a full-scale model of the 7,000 series. the model will be unveiled next week for engineers and employees so they can check it out before it goes to full protukz. equipped with led. screens and new maps and safety features and replace some of the 1000 series cars that have been in service since 1976. metro is pledging to phase those cars out, following the deadly crash in '09 that killed nine people. shoppers, this is a good time to buy that major appliance you've had your eye on.
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virginia is holding its annual tax free weekend for energy efficient merchandise. it means you won't have to pay the state sales tax on things like heat pumps and insulation. the items must be under $2,500 and have the energy star or water sense label. the event runs today through monday. you'll find a complete list of qualified items on our website, just search tax holiday. and when we come back, three teachers at the same school. they are arrested for having sex with students. coming up, we'll tell you why the administrators are partially or allegedly partially to blame for what happened. one of our areas most celebrated chefs has a new restaurant venture. tom gives us his take
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it's a fish and chip joint with rock 'n' roll bar. >> a look inside a dublin chipper in arlington. >> it is an a off shoot of the old town tavern from irish native, one of the region's preeminent chefs. both dining rooms are small, both have counters for ordering and both are linked to a fancy bar. as expected, fish and chips play a prominent role on the menu. both come with fish and sauces, although a serve might steer you to crowd and reveals steaming, snowy fish. chips, too. long, soft french fries. twice fried chicken wings are so crunchy. to hear them is boots marching on gravel. hot texas chili is tame. beans have no place in the bowl. besides, the chef can't stand them. the burger is more of a frat
5:40 pm
house joke than the work of a four-star chef. have shaved turkey, salami, bacon, ketchup and mayonnaise. armstrong's 10-year-old son came up with the construction, which requires the jaws of a t-rex to pounce on. better, sorry, junior, is the shepherd's pie. the food is meant to be fun, but i can't be the only customer wishing there was something on the menu to make him one count less criminal. a salad maybe, something green or dare i say raw. coleslaw which was dry on my last visit. i'm giving two stars, a good rating in aural airlington. >> we have to see what the hangover fries are. you can see the latest restaurant review in this weekend's "washington post" magazine and for more video reviews, go to our website and
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search. still to come, new-found freedom for a little girl on the move. coming up, where the two met for the first time and now they will be together night and day. say it ain't so, what is life coming to. a pumpkin latte shortage. the news that has lots of starbucks customers up in arms.
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there's a little girl in virginia named noel and she relies on an oxygen tank to breathe and now has a new friend to carry her oxygen on his four legs. only the second service dog in the country trained specifically for this purpose. we were there as noel met her new companion. 4-year-old noel michaels is learning man's best friend could be a girl's best accessory. noel's parents say she was tiny a at birth, under 2 pounds. a primi who arrived before her lungs could fully develop. >> she's been on oxygen her entire life and we're thinking that she'll probably be on it for quite some time, if not forever. >> reporter: notell is constantly tethered to an oxygen tank. this tank weighs ten pounds, noel weighs 30 pounds. a big load for a little girl to carry alone. but that's where monte comes in. this georgia girl with a similar
5:45 pm
lung condition and her service dog were on the "today" show. that segment inspired noel's mother to find the same help for her daughter. the michaels did some research and with donations, they collected $10,000 to get their own service dog. monte came from north star, the foundation typically provides dogs to autistic kids. but they took the challenge to match noel and monte. >> that a girl. >> reporter: monte was trained just for noel. tell me what you think about your dog. >> good. >> it's good? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you like him? >> yeah. >> reporter: the golden retriever just like the dog on "today" show will carry the oxygen in a custom vest. noel and monte will to everything together. monte will go to school and the playground. >> it will be the line, the tanks and then they can even go down the slide together. it will be fun to see. >> reporter: but the michaels hope the new dog won't be their daughter's only new friend.
5:46 pm
>> a lot of times we find that kids are apprehensive to come up to her because of the big tank and because she's always with an adult and i really think that the dog will facilitate more kids coming over and talking to her and will kind of be a bridge between the two. >> noteel's mom is in touch wit the other family of the service dog in virginia. she learned a few tips to make the transition sooner. >> nothing like a kid magnet like a dog. how lucky for noel. n >> he is still a puppy, only ten months old. >> very well behaved, considering how some golden retrievers could be. >> seeing the rescue dogs and the expansion of the whole rescue dog service. it's lovely. >> might be a good weekend to cuddle up with your dog and keep you warm. >> probably a one-dog night on sunday, right? >> that's for sure. but it is the weekend and i'm ready to have fun y don't know about you guys. but one thing that is taking
5:47 pm
place is taste of bethesda and it's on saturday and saturday out of the weekend looking like the better day for our weather. taste of bethesda saturday from 11:00 to 4:00. bands out there all day and a whole lot of food with all the restaurants participating. partly sunny and showers moving in late and the high 77 degrees. we have a nice, gorgeous sky out there right now. it will be nice and starry come the evening. 9:00, 10:00, 11:00. the mercury drops right on down to 70 degrees and nice conditions for the evening and then what's looking like a great start to the day tomorrow. upper 50s to low 60s. and, really a, it's the fiffirs of saturday that we'll see the most sunshine around our area. here it is. starting off at saturday at 6:00 a.m. and sunshine and then clouds increase and be moving in rather rapidly. by the time key gwe get to late
5:48 pm
the morning, noontime, rain coming in. that is with the cold front coming through any time after noontime, too, some showers around the area and then we're looking at more cloud cover on sunday. and sunday there's going to be an area of low pressure tracking up from the south. so, watch as the rain overspreads the area throughout a good part of sunday. it's not only going to be wet, but, again, we're talking about temperatures falling off in a big way. by the time we get to monday morning a lot of the suburbs will be starting out in the 30s. haven't mentioned that yet at all in my forecasts here for the fall, but we will be. 78 degrees the high on saturday and slight chance of a few showers and 60% chance of showers on sunday and i'm saying likely with the high of 55 and 30s to around 40 degrees monday morning and all week long, we're going to see temperatures for the most part below average and in the low to mid-60s. it is going to be quite a change coming our way for next week. >> all right, veronica.
5:49 pm
a big change over at the price is right. singer adele is a new bond girl and some confused animals. >> here is what is trending today. let's head over to the price is right. come on down. the first ever male model is going to appear on the set. rob wilson won the show's model search beating out hundreds of other contestants. he will work alongside the females to reveal the game show prizes. he's the first in price is right history. wilson won't be a permanent addition, his gig only lasts one week. ♪ >> the voice of the new james bond theme is grammy winning british singer adele. sony pictures released the new bond anthem for "skyfall" to mark the 50th anniversary of the first bod movie. the new bond movie hits theaters next month and daniel craig is hosting "saturday night live" tomorrow. new trend online videos of
5:50 pm
animals who are confused by their own reflection in the mirror. gone viral on youtube. just a few of the best videos showing dogs, cats and even some tigers getting a little bent out of shape as they try to chase down their own reflections. it's a drink that's gained status and now fear of a pumpkin spice latte. it rolls out on its menu and higher demand has caused some shop to run out of the ingredients for pumpkin spice lattes. several reports from around the washington region. some baristas have taken their complaints online. telling their frustration to tell customers they're out of pumpkin spice. its supplies sometimes run low at some stores. they are local heroes who heed the call for help in an emergency, but this month, that's not the only way the prince george's county firefighters are helping to save lives. tracy spencer is with more on
5:51 pm
why one crew is trading in red for pink. >> wendy, i have never seen anything like it before. a pink fire truck. now, this is not just for show. this truck will be out responding to fire calls in the community. take a look at the personnel in the truck. firefighters and paramedics will be dressed in pink throughout the month of october. this pink fire truck will soon hit the streets of prince george's county, responding to calls and increasing awareness about breast cancer. >> 250,000 people will be diagnosed this year and we know that in time 40,000 of those will die. so, we hope to raise awareness and reduce thez numbers by having our fire truck out there running calls. >> reporter: the idea for a pink fire engine was the brain child of firefighters themselves, looking to drive the cancer awareness message to the community in a new and unique way. >> even if people just look at it and say, why is it pink? and then we can explain to them the health department has provided us with fact sheets to
5:52 pm
hand out in the community so anybody that comes to us with questions about it can get information. >> reporter: the fire truck is not painted pink, this is a sticker. all the labor and material was donated. a dozen women in his family have been diagnosed with breast cancer. >> our cousins and everything a else and we may not know, i'm sure there are more. but there are 13 from my grandmother to my sister being the latest case. and six have passed and seven have, fortunately, survived it. >> reporter: the pink firefighter was here as the truck was unveiled. the montgomery county firefighter lost three sisters to breast cancer within a two-year period. >> i want one. i think it's great. it's a huge awareness tool. how can you miss a pink fire truck going down the road? >> reporter: and many of the firefighters throughout the county will be wearing pink t-shirts under their protective gear to raise money and
5:53 pm
awareness to fight the disease. but it's the truck that's making a big pink impression. >> you want to drive it? >> of course. you ready? let's go. >> now, unfortunately, i did not get to ride in the truck. it's not in service just yet. this weekend it will be on display at the university of maryland game and redskins game on sunday at fedex field. darcy spencer, new 4z. >> if we want to buy a t-shirt, is there a way to do that? >> you certainly can buy a t-shirt. that's part of the fund-raising activity. last year they raised $13,000 and they're helping to raise more. they can be purchased at go there for more information. >> excellent, all right. >> see real men wear pink. >> i'm going to buy you one. >> i will wear it proudly. coming up after the break, a sex scandal rocks a high school. >> teachers are accused of having relationships with students and now even the
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
two top administrators face serious charges. >> the teachers are accused of having inappropriate relationships with students and the administrators are accused of covering them up. sydney long reports. >> i think it was just bad all around. everyone, nobody is innocent.
5:57 pm
>> high school students are reacting to the arrests of 32-year-old math teacher and girls' track coach and 27-year-old dan macheli a math teacher and senior adviser and nick martinelli. >> this doesn't define triton and the teachers that work here or the students that go here. >> prosecutors say each of the teachers engaged in inappropriate sexual relationships from november to june last year. >> indeed, we uncovered evidence of exchanges of sexually explicit text messages during instructional periods. and a trip to the shore invol d involveding the teachers and their victims, as well as other students. >> reporter: prosecutors say when a student brought that information to a substitute teacher, that teacher alerted the principal and the vice principal who covered it up with little investigation. >> failed to report them to the
5:58 pm
proper authorities and conducted a half-hearted and inadequate inquiry aimed primarily at protecting the teachers. >> you cannot trust, not even the school any more. you know, that's not right. >> reporter: we got no answer at the principal's home. nbc 10 tried repeatedly to speak with the teachers who turned themselves in thursday. >> i'm more upset about the cover up. i'm disappointed about the cover ups. >> reporter: the fact that educators they looked up to could face jailtime. >> they're supposed to protect me, i'm a minor. >> reporter: has students feeling like their mentors failed them morally, legally and ethically. >> it was a bad mistake and i agree that there should be consequences, but i don't like the hate that has taken place towards them. >> prosecutors in camden county, new jersey, say they have been working on the case for two months and parents say rumors of these relationships go back for nearly a year. metro features a fight.
5:59 pm
d.c. mayor vincent gray setting the record straight about his future plans. >> new cases of a deadly form of meningitis pop up in virginia. president obama continuing to target some very specific voters in virginia, but romney heading to florida. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the lowest jobless rate since president obama took office. he says the number shows the recovery is on the right track now. as you might expect, mitt romney holds a different view. danielle lee is on capitol hill with the veryliest. hi, danielle. >> hi, good evening. for president obama, this is proof that his policies are working. for mitt romney the unemployment rate at 7.8% doesn't tell the whole story. at a rally a in virginia a a smiling president obama took full advantage of september's job's report. >> more people entered the worc

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